Best WordPress Membership Plugins For Thrive Apprentice

There are many useful membership plugins that you can consider using with Thrive Apprentice to work for you. While Thrive Apprentice makes it easy for you to produce attractive online courses with WordPress, you need a good membership plugin for better user management.

Best Thrive Apprentice Membership Plugins


You can start your work on getting Thrive Apprentice to run well for you by looking at how S2Member can operate for your needs. Thrive Apprentice helps you by producing options for open registration, content restriction, and other points for keeping unauthorized people from trying to access the work you are putting in online.

You can produce various forms on your Thrive page for collecting payments and for handling the content you’re orchestrating. You can use the PayPal standard button integration system as well as Stripe, and ClickBank support features. The integration support ensures you’ll have the data you want moving well.

S2Member also ensures that your clients’ data is secure. The program does not record billing or credit card information. All details are handled by the payment gateways or encryption systems that you wish to utilize instead. The support setup ensures you’ll have more control over how well the data being managed works and that you’ve got control over your content as it comes along.

The support provided by S2Member ensures you can handle more data with your setup as necessary. You will appreciate how well S2Member assists you with using your data for getting customers to sign up for your work.

2.Paid Memberships Pro

Your second choice for a membership plugin is Paid Memberships Pro. Designed for WordPress sites, PMP integrates well with Thrive Apprentice modules.

You will download and install the plugin through the WP interface. You can then add a new membership level through the program’s menus. The process for setting up pages takes a few moments to complete and will instantly produce better results if planned out well enough.

Your payment gateway is then linked to your PMP setup. Your email settings may also be configured to help you keep tabs of what you are doing with your content.

Your membership site can be customized with one of the various themes. The system that PMP uses provides you with extra control over how well you can produce intriguing pages and bits of content that people can access online. The best part of the layout is that it offers a better approach to your content and your work without being frustrating or otherwise hard to use on your own.

The system works with not only PayPal but also other payment gateways like Stripe,, CyberSource, and 2Checkout. You can also link your Thrive Apprentice work to other apps that you might use on WordPress, including MailChimp and Kissmetrics. The thorough approach keeps your site fully active.


The automation support provided by MemberMouse helps you stay online and keep your learning content easy for everyone to access. MemberMouse uses a design that entails your content working with full scripts that operate on your Thrive Apprentice program to help people keep track of what they might be doing while online. The best part of working with MemberMouse is that the system keeps your content active and thorough without being too convoluted.

You can use several customer management programs in your setup as well. You can produce free and paid memberships alike, not to mention power for managing many members who might be on your site. The multiple billing integrations that you can utilize here will also help you produce the best programs possible.

The most appealing part of using MemberMouse is that the program works directly through your WordPress site. The installation process works in a few minutes and can be configured through the same web browser that you regularly access your WP control data from.

The SmartTags feature also helps you to produce more functions on your site. You can use these shortcodes to create prompts and forwards that allow people to use the data on your site as necessary. You can use this for displaying upsells and other features that your clients might be interested in.

4.WishList Member

You also have the option to work with WishList Member when producing your Thrive Apprentice membership set up to your liking. You can keep tabs on your Thrive module by using the dashboard to identify details on how many people are using your programs at a time. You can also use the quick links on your dashboard to configure how people can use certain things through your program so your data becomes easier to work with and utilize.

You can use the quick links to configure how people can access certain levels of content. The links also let you schedule the sequential upgrading of peoples’ accounts within your Thrive site. This feature works well if you want to upgrade people from their free trials to a paid subscription at a level of your choosing.

The shopping cart integration feature in the WishList Member program includes help for handling many membership levels and for handling numerous shopping carts, including PayPal and Stripe connections. You can also work with access control for more than just specific modules, but also for certain pages and bits of content on your site. You could work with many particular integration features like a website as you wish.

A Final Note

Being able to get in touch with your subscribers on Thrive Apprenticeship is critical to the success of your work. You’ll have to ensure you look at how well the membership plugins you can use will handle data, payments, access, and everything else your members will expect out of their online learning programs. You’ll maximize your profits with the right plugin, not to mention improve upon how well you can configure the content on your program so people can use it.

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